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Hype and Promotion

We know how to reach the right audiences for events and get them excited, building buzz all the way up to the day of the event.

Event planning

Once we’ve got the idea down, we’ll help you plan and iron out all the fine details of the event, keeping the needs of both organizers and attendees in mind at all times.

Pre-event consultation

Do you have an idea for an event? Talk to us about it and we’ll offer top notch consultation services to help you figure out the best way to execute your ideas.

Community engagement

Getting the community to your event is one thing, engaging them at a deeper level during your event is another. We shine when it comes to creating meaningful experiences for the gaming community at our events by going the extra mile to provide elements that all the attendees can enjoy.


Does your event need to be livestreamed or broadcasted to audiences everywhere? Whether it’s gameplay streams or the event itself, we can take care of it.


Marketing, promotions, execution. Whatever it takes to make an event happen, we’ll make it happen.

Event audits

Worried that things could go wrong with your event? It’s only natural. We keep our finger on the pulse at all our events and closely monitor event flow so that we can quickly highlight and address any potential problems.

Capturing memories

The memories and experiences don’t end once the event is over. We continue to produce content such as videos and photo galleries to preserve the magical memories of the event for our attendees.

Event reports

We take care of the community, but we don’t forget to take care of the organizers either. Comprehensive event reports so you can see the results and returns of your investment, plain and clear.

Community Reminscence

No one wants to plan an event that fades away as soon as the day is over. We stay engaged with communities and attendees even after the event is finished to keep the hype about your event going long after it closes, maximizing your ROI while making sure your event is a cherished experience that the community wants to come back to.

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