We were very happy to host the official launch event of Geek Fam Mobile Legends at the Geek Arena on the 2nd of September!

Geek Fam Mobile Legends is the latest division of the Geek Fam esports organization, which has grown to become one of the biggest esports teams in Malaysia since the founding of their Dota 2 team in 2016.

The event provided an opportunity for media members, fans and influencers to gather in one place and interact with the Geek Fam management team and the pro players from Geek Fam ICON and Geek Fam Mystic Burden.

The event opened with a show match between the players in Geek Fam Mobile Legends where the players from ICON and Mystic Burden mixed their rosters together to play against each other in a rare sight that proved to be a fun match for the spectators.

After the show match there was a press conference where the management team from Geek Fam and the Captains of ICON and Mystic Burden gave some statements about the backstory behind the formation of Geek Fam Mobile Legends and the future goals of Geek Fam’s latest professional gaming division.

Once the press conference was over, there was a photo opportunity for fans and the media as the entirety of the Geek Fam Mobile Legend’s squad posed for photos in front of the Geek Arena together with the Geek Fam Management and Malaysian gaming/cosplayer influencer Ying Tze.

The day wrapped up with some more fun activities including show matches that included fans and Geek Fam management and a t-shirt signing session by the Geek Fam players.

Head over to www.facebook.com/GeekFamMLBB to see more pictures of the event!

(Photo credit: IGN SEA)

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